Monday, August 30, 2004

Archi Cianfrocco Revisited

Several teams had the day off today, so I thought I'd spend the day with a playful journey through the past.

In the cinema verite classic "This Is Spinal Tap," Tap's manager, Ian Faith, is asked if the band's shift from playing arena shows to playing small clubs indicated a decline in its popularity. He replies "Oh, no, no.....not at all. It's that their appeal is becoming more selective." In that vein, the following statement probably has a very selective appeal: Archi Cianfrocco is the second best name of all time, just behind Scatman Crothers.

You likely only remember Cianfrocco if you were a Padres fan in the mid-90's. I heard announcers pronounce his name as "Arkey Sin-frock-uh", which is probably correct. For me, however, he will always be "Ar-chee See-an-FRAW-ko". That's how me and my cousin Zack pronounced his name back in 1993 when we made the ultmate discovery: the 93 Fleer Ultra Archi Cianfrocco card. At the time, we didn't think he was a particularly significant player. We did, however, recognize greatness in names instantly, and Archi had it in spades, even more than Mike Piazza. Zack was a fairly decptive twelve-year-old, and he convinced me that we should try to trade 93 Ultra Archi Cianfrocco to my brother for 86 Topps Roger Clemens. We told my brother that he was the can't-miss prospect of the moment, and with no to check his minor league stats he took our word for it (I mean, he would have to-- this was a great name!). Eventually I told my brother what we had done, and everything was resolved in a remarkably peaceful fashion.

So we had sold Cianfrocco as being the next George Brett (except with more power), but what kind of career did he really have? First of all, Archi was born Angelo Dominic Cianfrocco on October 6, 1966 in Rome, New York, and he played collegiately at Purdue. In January 1986, the Pirates drafted Archi in the 11th round of the free agent draft. He didn't sign, so Pittsburgh tried again in the 4th round that June. Once again, Archi broke Pittsburgh's heart by not signing. I haven't located his college stats, but I did find out that one year he had 79 hits, which was second place on the all-time Purdue single-season list at the time, and he probably did that in 1987 after spurning the Pirates. In June 1987, the Expos took Archi in the fifth round, and he signed. He hit .247 in the short season at Jamestown that year and was promoted to high A Rockford the next year where he hit .253 with 15 HR. He was promoted to Double-A Jacksonville for 1989, and he hit .249 in '89 and .219 in '90 with an ISO of .130 or so each year, and his K/BB ratio was just under 4. When the Expos AA affiliate became Harrisburg in 1991, Archi improved his AVG to .316, but was repeating Double-A for a second year at 24-years old and didn't improve his K/BB or ISO much. On the basis of that he started 1992 with the big club in Montreal. At the time, the Expos might have mistakenly seen Cianfrocco as a potential long term replacement for an aging Tim Wallach at either first or third base, especially after Wallach's .225/.292/.334 line in 1991, on the basis of his strong Double-A batting average. In the short term he platooned with Bret Barberie at third base (Archi was a right-handed hitter and Barberie switch-hit but was terrible against lefties) while Wallach started the season as the regular first baseman; the Expos might have had some expectation that Barberie and Wallach would be their regular corner infielders for some time to come after Barberie hit .353/.435/.515 in 162 PA in his first cup of coffee in 1991. On May 20, the Expos ditched manager Tom Runnells after a 17-20 start, and hired Felipe Alou, who guided the Expos to a 70-55 record the rest of the season. When Alou was acquired, Archi was hitting .230/.269/.429, Barberie was hitting .244/.376/.289, and Wallach was hitting .200/.299/.304. Alou must have got it into his head that Wallach's struggles came from moving to first base, because on May 23 he started Wallach at third and Archi at first, leaving Barberie on the bench. A glib analyst might say that Alou preferred outs and occasional extra bases over getting runners on base, and such an analyst might point toward Neifi Perez hitting leadoff in 20 or so games and hitting second in the lineup another 40 or so games during Alou's tenure to support that statement, but this analyst does not have time for such glibness or to research the exact number of games. In any event, Alou probably believed that this move paid off, with Archi and Wallach both hitting home runs (off Charlie Liebrandt and Mike Stanton, respectively) that day in a 7-6 win over Atlanta with a combined line of 4 hits, 3 runs, and 4 RBI in 7 plate appearances. With that rousing success, Archi became the everyday first baseman until July 9 when, with Archi hitting .250/.274/.383, the Expos turned over the first base job to new call-up Greg Colbrunn. Archi only logged 46 more plate appearances before being sent down to AAA Indianapolis on August 17 where he hit .305 with 4 HR in 15 games. His final line at the major league level was .241/.276/.358, and he'd been an above average fielder at first base but below average while fielding at third base. His replacement, Colbrunn, finished with a .268/.294/.351 line. Wallach went .223/.296/.331, leading to an offseason trade for Tim Barker, and Barberie's walk-driven .231/.354/.281 and good glovework at third and while filling in at second for an injured Delino Deshields in the last four weeks of the season were underappreciated by the Expos, who left him exposed in the expansion draft to be taken by Florida (Barberie had two league average seasons of contribution with Florida before netting them Jay Powell in a trade with Baltimore; his production dropped a bit with the Orioles before his terrible 15-game stint with the Cubs after signing as a free agent forced him out of the major leagues). Both Barberie and Wallach were somewhat expendable in part because of Archi's disappointing season-- the Expos acquired B+ prospect Sean Berry on August 29 by giving spare parts Bill Sampen and Chris Haney to the Royals, hoping he could help them make up the 3.5 games they trailed the Pirates by. Berry had spent the year at Triple-A but made a smooth transition to the majors, hitting .333/.345/.404, but only started twelve times. The Expos reversion-to-the-mean 18-16 record after the trade left them 9 behind Pittsburgh. But Colbrunn's failure to capitalize on his opportunity meant that Archi may have had a slim chance to be Montreal's first baseman of the future.

Cianfrocco started 1993 with the Expos, and the starts at first base were divided between him and John Vander Wal. In game three of the first major league series played in Colorado, played on April 11, he started and hit 8th in the lineup. He had one of the best days of his career, slugging a solo home run and two singles to go along with two strikeouts in six plate appearances. That home run was his first since June 3, 1992 (probably the best day of his career- 4 for 4 with a solo shot), and it would be his last with Les Expos. After April 11, he played in only seven more games with the Expos, logging only two plate appearances. On April 21, the Expos decided to call up Gregg Colbrunn and send Archi back down. Archi went to Ottawa of the International League, where he hit .298 with 4 HR in 188 AB over 50 games with 33 strikeouts and only seven walks.

On June 23, the Padres were thinking one or two of these things, possibly all three:
1. Gary Sheffield will probably revert to "headcase" status, his great 1992 season was an aberration since he's "only" hitting .295/.344/.473, and he's making big time money ($3.1 million)
2. Trevor Hoffman will be the most valuable relief pitcher in the history of baseball, and we will need a replacement level starter (Jose Martinez) and reliever (Andres Berumen) in a couple years.
3. Archi Cianfrocco is hitting .298 at Triple-A!!! He's the next big thing and he'd play for the league minimum!!!
Obviously, that's an oversimplification. The Padres' new ownership apparently forced a Sheffield trade, and on June 24 the Sheffield to Florida for Martinez, Berumen, and Hoffman deal was completed, giving San Diego nothing close to equal value-- neither Martinez nor Berumen were ever considered high ceiling prospects. In preparation for the Sheffield deal, the Padres on June 23 traded Tim Scott to Montreal for Cianfrocco (a good deal for the Expos-- Scott had a 3.38 ERA over 197 innings with the Expos before being traded with Kirk Rueter for Mark Leiter in 1996). Archi took over as the Padres' everyday third baseman, and remained so until August 27. On that day, the Padres decided 25-year-old Guillermo Vasquez wasn't cutting it since taking over as the starting first baseman after San Diego traded Fred McGriff on July 18. The Padres decided to give Vasquez' at bats to 26-year-old Jarvis Brown, who they had signed as a free agent that winter after the Twins gave up on him. To facilitate the lineup shakeup, the Padres called up Jarvis Brown to play centerfield and had then-centerfielder Derek "Operation Shutdown" Bell (whenever I think of Bell, I recall the Rob Neyer column that referred to him as "one of the ugliest men in the major leagues") play his first and only 19 career games at third base (which, for anyone keeping track, meant the Padres had gone from Sheffield playing third to his Little League World Series teammate playing third). On September 17, Archi moved back to 3rd base so that 25-year old rookie Dave Staton could log playing time at first, forcing Derek Bell to fight Phil Clark and Bill Bean for playing time at the right field position vacated by Tony Gwynn's injury. Even with the regular playing time, though, Archi's bat didn't manage much improvement over 1991. Archi hit only .194/.264/.398 in his first 5 weeks with the Padres, improved those numbers to .272/.320/.455 over the next five weeks, and hit poorly over the final five weeks to finish at .244/.289/.412 for the season with San Diego.

In 1994, Archi Cianfrocco was San Diego's opening day starter at third base. He had started 27 of the Padres first 31 games when on May 10 San Diego probably decided that his .229/.259/.413 line was a pretty good representation of his ability since it so closely mirrored his .241/.276/.358 and .243/.287/.416 lines in '92 and '93. They filled third base with 30-year-old rookie Keith Lockhart for a few games while making the Gene Harris for Scott Livingstone and Jorge Velandia deal, which was actually a surprisingly good one for the Padres, as Livingstone was pretty bad in '94 (.272/.294/.383) but good in 1995 and serviceable in the 1996 playoff run while Harris was a terrible pitcher both before and after the trade and his salary was $400K higher than Livingstone's. Livingstone took over at third for the remainder of the season (his numbers in late August and September were particularly good), but Archi couldn't get playing time at first since, even though the Padres gave up on Dave (.189/.289/.394) Staton, San Diego still preferred Tim (.254/.307/.280) Hyers to Archi at 1B (Hyers was later replaced by Eddie Williams, who put up a .331/.392/.594 line to momentarily resurrect his career). Even on a team that, outside of its outfield, was composed entirely of castoff utility men and Brad Ausmus, Archi could only log occasional playing time as a defensive replacement at first or third or pinch-hitting and pinch-running.

With Ken Caminiti coming to the Padres in the massive 11-player offseason "Strikes Are Boring, Let's Do Something" swap, San Diego had a legit third baseman, and Eddie Williams was slotted to play first base after tearing the cover off the ball in 1994, Archi didn't start the season on the Padres roster. He was finally recalled to the big leagues in mid-July. 1995 is the first year that "UT" is listed as Archi's position at Retrosheet, and the Padres utilized him to the tune of 5 batting runs above replacement (.263/.333/.449 with a .268 EqA, his only year with an above average EqA) and 2 fielding runs above replacement while playing every position but catcher and centerfield. Over a third of his playing time came at shortstop, where he was terrible defensively but was playing in place of Andujar Cedeno who was nearly as bad defensively and had the added bonus of being a truly terrible hitter. All in all, this was probably ound for pound Archi's best year.

In 1996, the Padres had ditched Eddie Matthews and replaced him with Wally Joyner, which, along with Caminiti's steroid-enabled career year and the addition of Rickey Henderson, contributed to the Padres scoring a good deal more runs, propelling them to the playoffs. But the addition of left-handed Wally Joyner also meant more playing time for Archi, who frequently played at first base against left-handed hitters. Combined with occasional play at right field, shortstop, second base, and third base, Archi was on the field enough to come to bat 203 times. His offense and fielding were both just below average, and he contributed eight runs above replacement.

In October 1996, the moment finally came for Archi when he made his playoff debut in game one of the division series against the Cardinals. In the top of the 8th trailing by two with one out and Steve Finley on first base, Bruce Bochy sent Greg Vaughn to pinch hit for Wally joyner against legendary first LOOGy Rick Honeycutt (although Honeycutt wasn't a one-out guy in this game-- he got Gwynn in the seventh, was left in to hit and struck out with a runner on second to end the innng, gave up a single to Steve Finley and struck out switch-hitting Caminiti); in response, Tony La Russa put Dennis Eckersley into the game, who induced a pop-up to shortstop and then retired Chris Gomez to strand Finley. Archi came into the game at first in the bottom of the inning, and immediately busied himself trying to hold Royce Clayton on first after his lead-off walk. Clayton went on a two-strike count, and the Cardinals recorded a strike-em-out throw-em-out 2-6 double play. Ron Gant then walked and stole second before Brian Jordan was fanned to end the inning. Whether Archi would have hit for himself in the ninth is unknown to me, but the Padres came up a couple batters short of finding out when, after two-out singles from Chris Gwynn and Rickey, Tony Gwynn grounded out to Eckersley, giving St. Louis a 3-1 win.

In game 2, Steve Finley tied the game at 4 when he scored Scott Livingstone with a one-out groundout to first in the top of the eighth. After Caminiti was intentionally walked to load the bases, Wally Joyner popped up to end the Padres' rally chances. Doug Bochtler entered the game for the Padres and walked Brian Jordon. After Gary Gaetti grounded out, Bochtler intentionally walked Jon Mabry before throwing a wild pitch that put Jordan on third and Mabry on second. Bochy decided it was time for Hell's Bells and, with the pitcher spot due up fourth in the ninth, made the call for Archi to enter the game at first base as part of a double switch. The next batter, Tom Pagnozzi, hit a liner that ricocheted off Hoffman's glove to second baseman Jody Reed, who couldn't get the ball home in time to prevent Jordan from scoring the go-ahead run and had to settle for throwing the ball to Archi to retire Pagnozzi. Luis Alicea ended the inning by flying out to right. Had the Padres been able to put the tying run on base in the ninth, Archi would have his first playoff at bat. Sadly, all three Padres hitters were retired, sending the series back to San Diego with the Cardinals up two games to none.

With Archi's only positive influence in the playoffs (recording the put out on Tom Pagnozzi) coming on the play that lost Game 2 for the Padres, Bruce Bochy and the whole world knew one thing: Game Three would be Cianfrocco time. Well, either that or Bochy didn't want to have Joyner facing lefty Donovan Osborne. Archi started at first at number five in the order. He started the game off with a bang by recording a rare inning-ending 3-2 double play on Gary Gaetti's grounder, although Retrosheet notes that catcher Brian Johnson dropped the ball and the ump blew the call. In the second inning, Cianfrocco came up with one out and no one on and singled to right. Brian Johnson came up next and hit what appeared to be a sure inning-ending double play grounder to short, but a bad hop let the ball get past Royce Clayton and Archi moved to third. Chris Gomez then hit a grounder that Archi tried to score on; the throw home was not in time. After Johnson scored on a Jody Reed double, the Padres led 2-1.

In the third, Archi contributed more solid defense, retiring Donovan Osborne unassisted on a grounder and throwing Royce Clayton out at second on a Willie McGee grounder. In the bottom of the inning, he flied out with none on and two out. In the fifth, Archi came to the plate with the Padres leading 4-1, none on, and two out, and struck out. Then the Cardinals narrowed the gap in the top of the sixth on a Gant homer, a Jordan single, and a Mabry triple. Bochy knew it was time to pull Ashby, but decided upon a double switch, with Joyner playing first in the 9-slot (due up fourth the next inning). The next batter, Pagnozzi, singled in tying run off Tim Worrell. In the sixth, the Padres went 3-up, 3-down, meaning Joyner was due to lead off the bottom of the seventh. In the top of the seventh, the Cardinals tied the game, driven by a pinch-hit single by Mark Sweeney hitting for the pitcher. With the knowledge that Joyner was due up first in the bottom of the inning, La Russa had Honeycutt warming up in the pen (he likely would have entered the game in the seventh anyway, with Henderson, Gwynn, and Finley due up after Joyner). Honeycutt plowed through the Padres' four lefties, yielding only a single to Gwynn (the quintet would finish the day with two hits and 15 outs in 17 PA). Caminiti led off the bottom of the eighth with a homer off Honeycutt, bringing the pitcher's spot to the plate with a tie game. The Cardinals brought T.J. Matthews in to pitch and the Padres had Greg Vaughn hit; he struck out. The next batter, Johnson, hit a double but was stranded. In the ninth, Hoffman entered the game and gave up a walk to Gant and a homer to Jordan. Joyner led off the ninth by flying out to center against Eck, and Eck got Gwynn and Finley to end the series.

Second guessing Bruce Bochy eight years afterward seems silly, but looking at this with an Archi-enhanced perspective makes me wonder: should he really have gone for the double switch in the sixth? If we reconstruct the game had he left Archi in at first, Worrell can still pitch 1.2 innings since the pitcher's spot didn't come up in the bottom of the inning. Even if Bochy wants to use Worrell for longer, why not bring in someone else to get the two outs in the sixth and have Worrell pitch the seventh and eighth? Worrell ultimately did give up the tying run, not that Bochy could have known that. But had Archi stayed in the game, Bochy could have had Vaughn face Honeycutt in the seventh instead of handcuffing himself to an unfavorable Joyner-Honeycutt matchup. If Vaughn reaches base, then Caminiti's home run becomes a 3-run bomb. Alternately, LaRussa would have had a right hander face Vaughn, meaning he either has to waste a pitcher for one out (and he had to have a new pitcher for the inning since he had pinch-hit for the pitcher in the top of the inning) or he leaves a right-hander in to face Rickey-Gwynn-Finley. Even if Honeycutt retires Vaughn in the seventh, the Padres still have a better chance in the eighth since they still have Joyner on the bench, which means LaRussa might leave Honeycutt in the game to face Archi to deter a Joyner pinch-hit, which is a much better matchup for San Diego than Mathews-Vaughn, or he brings in Mathews and Bochy can put in Joyner, which is a much better matchup than Mathews-Vaughn. And if that batter reachers base, Johnson's double scores a run and gives the Padres a runner on second with none out. The only downside I see to not doing the double-switch, aside from the likelihood of Worrell (or whomever would go in if Bochy really has a jones for Worrell pitching more than an inning) can only go two thirds of an inning, is that if Vaughn hits in the seventh and Joyner hits for Archi then that at bat in the ninth slot the second time around goes to Chris Gwynn. This is all just speculation, and the Padres weren't too likely to win the series anyway, but I have to wonder if taking Archi out actually cost the Padres the game. How likely is it that anyone would ever make that statement?

The day after being pulled from Game 3, Archi turned thirty. That made 1997 the first season where Archi was officially on the wrong side of thirty (from a baseball standpoint, anyway). That wasn't enough to stop Archi. He logged the most playing time he'd had since his first year with the Padres and had his only season in San Diego where his total defensive contribution was at a level above league average. That combined with league-average hitting made him good for 2.1 wins above replacement (using WARP3), nearly twice as good as his next best season. He once again played first base frequently against LHP and played third base frequently behind an ailing Ken Caminiti, and also logged innings at second, short, and right field. His career year wasn't enough to keep the Padres out of the cellar in the NL West however, as poor seasons from Finley, Vaughn, and Andy Ashby combined with the losses of Bob Tewksbury and Scott Sanders to make the '97 Padres inferior to the '98 version.

Cut to 1998. The Padres replace Derrek Lee's far-off potential with Kevin Brown's career year. Andy Ashby, Sterling Hitchcock, and Greg Vaughn rebound from bad years with the best seasons of their respective careers. The Padres cruise to the playoffs and make the World Series. Unfortunately, Archi is left behind. After starting the year hitting a paltry .143/.213/.250, Archi went down with a strained oblique muscle in late May. He returned a month later but was underwhelming before being sent down to AAA Las Vegas. He rejoined the Padres in September, appearing in only four games and coming to the plate once, striking out against Terry Mulholland in a 6-3 loss to the Cubs on September 16. Archi's plays his final major league game in a 3-2 loss at Arizona, playing second base in the bottom of the eighth. No balls were hit to him.

Archi Cianfrocco was released by San Diego on November 17, 1998, and probably forgotten by most people who weren't Padres fans in the mid-90's or Purdue Boilermakers fans in the mid-80's. But he will never be forgotten by the few of us who saw his name in 1993 and knew instantly that his was our generation's best sports name.

deep... I still like Assenmancher (spelling?) better
Cianfrocco was always one of my faves.
I had a mancrush on Archi.
This is very strange and very true. I'm from Montreal and I remember Archi Cianfrocco. By checking out his stats, I realized he played in maybe 90 games with the Expos?! I was under the impression he had been around for longer than that. A somehow forgettable player with an unforgettable name of course!
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