Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Brief Jason Kendall Update

Archi took a little longer than I was hoping, mainly because of how interesting it was to look up the career numbers of people like Tim Teufel, Randy Ready, Bip Roberts and Randy Velarde, none of whom even made the final cut. On top of that, Monday was my first day of classes, which stole a chunk of my blogging time, and with the two-hour beginning of the year council meeting at the co-op I live at, I wasn't able to finish research for Jason Kendall, part 2. Since tomorrow is the last day for a Jason Kendall deal this year (at least for it to help the Dodgers in the playoffs), I thought I would try to provide a glimpse of Jason Kendall, part 2 because in part 1 I left that kind of open ended. Basically, I think at this point that if the Dodgers got Pittsburgh to pay about 40% of Kendall's salary in each remaining year of his contract (and to pay any deferred money that's still owed to him that I've yet to discover), a David Ross and Chuck Tiffany for Jason Kendall deal would benefit both the Dodgers and the Pirates substantially (basically because marginal wins are more expensive for the Dodgers than for the Pirates for the forseeable future). Whether those terms are agreeable to Frank McCourt and Kevin McClatchey is a different story. Whether Dave Littlefield and Paul DePodesta agree is also a different story, but I think, based on my cursory investgation, that they would unless DePo knows something about Dave Ross or other young catchers that I don't. But as I said, this is based on only cursory research of the payroll issues, Dave Ross' development curve, trends for 30-33 year-old catchers with high OBP and low SLG and inconsistent defensive records, etc. I hope to have a full Jason Kendall analysis up tomorrow night, and my gut feeling is that we won't see him with the Dodgers in 2004 because McCourt is squeemish financially and Pittsburgh is unreasonable in negotiations. The Pirates did get a pretty great return on the Giles deal, but I don't think DePo would trade away anything resembling Jason Bay and Olver Perez unless Pittsburgh paid all of Kendall's salary. And taking on Kendall's full contract by claiming him on waivers would be a terrible move unless McCourt paid for it out of his own pocket (and since he only has virtual money at this point, I don't know how that would happen).

Dude thanks for the publicity! Archi
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