Thursday, September 30, 2004

Alex Cora Does What He Does Best...

...and Dave Ross and Hee Seop Choi both come up with big extra base hits in extra innings? That's good stuff. Yesterday, when the game was tied after 8 with Beltre due up in the ninth, I started to research to find the last time a team won three games in a row on "walkoff" hits, but didn't get very far by the time the Dodgers lost. Well, the Dodgers did it three times in this series. I'm not up for seeing how common that is, but I'm considering venturing a guess on how likely it is that over two consecutive series against the same team one team will win three games in the bottom of the ninth or the bottom of an extra inning and two other games in which the team trailed by five runs. Yeah, needing this many chances to beat the Rockies doesn't bode very well for the Dodgers, but it's still fun anyway. Now the Dodgers just need to win one game against the Giants to clinch, and even if swept they'll make the playoffs if the Astros lose a game. If the Astros and Giants both come away with sweeps this weekend, the Dodgers then play a tiebreaker game against in San Francisco for the division and the loser plays the Astros on Tuesday for the wild card. Plus, Jon Weisman's prediction over at Dodger Thoughts a while back that either Ross or Mayne would deliver a big hit at some point in the season became even more accurate.

(note: I updated the playoff scenario Friday morning after I actually looked at the standings-- apparently remembering every team's record off the top of my head can get a little hairy.)

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