Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Great Pitching

I was too caught up in the game to realize it, but the Dodgers gave up no walks in 13 innings tonight. They did record one hit by pitch when Jeff Weaver just barely hit seemingly-ancient pinch-hitter Carlos Baerga in the eighth, setting up the Diamondbacks only run, but otherwise were about as good as pitchers can be in the Voros McCracken world. The Dodgers final FIPS-friendly line (between Weaver, Yhency, Gagne, and Gio Carrara): 13 IP, 0 BB, 1 HBP, o XBH, 16 K, 8 1B. Randy Johnson, of course, wasn't too shabby either, striking out 15 and yielding only two singles, a walk, and Steve Finley's homer in 8 innings.

One final note on the game: the player the D'Backs wanted most in the Finley deal was pitcher Billy Murphy, and most if not all critics of the Dodgers-Marlins trade have conveniently overlooked the significance of acquiring Murphy when "evaluating" the deal. Not that Finley's great month should have been expected, but if you're going to selectively evaluate a trade based on a month when the two main acquisitions didn't play much for reasons DePo couldn't really have foreseen, you should at least assess the impact of the acquisition enabled by the deal.

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