Sunday, September 12, 2004

John Kruk's Analysis

From John Kruk's column on the biggest busts in baseball:

FIRST BASE: Carlos Delgado, Toronto Blue Jays -- First of all, what is this guy thinking? The Blue Jays tell him he's about to be traded to the Dodgers, a contender, and he basically says, "No thanks, it's more fun being 20 games back up here in Canada." That just doesn't make any sense. There's your first sign that Carlos wasn't using his head this year. Second, this guy used to be an offensive force. Now? Well let me ask you this: Outside of the trade talk and that story about the national anthem, have you even heard of Delgado this year?

How about earlier this week?

I won't even mention that, you know, it's not quite fair to blame Delgado for being injured, that no trade had been worked out when he told Ricciardi he wouldn't accept a trade, that he has a family that's lived in Toronto for years and he hasn't lived in the United States except for when he played in the minor leagues, or that he's hit .281/.376/.613 since returning from his injury. (Well, I suppose I just did mention all of those things, but, you know, blogger's license).

It sure is nice to know that fat white kids like myself can grow up to get paid to write (and say on Baseball Tonight) that players are "busts" because they have been injured and don't want to move their families to live in the country that has colonially occupied their homeland for a century. If you don't want to subject your family to good, old-fashioned American racism, you should stay the heck out of baseball.

P.S. My apologies for picking on the single-easiest target in sports media. And no, I have no idea why I read his column in the first place either.

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