Tuesday, September 14, 2004

A Quick Theory Question

Is it better to face a tougher opponent in the Division Series than in the League Chamionship Series? From a financial standpoint, the answer is probably no because there's significant added value to reaching the next round. But it's worth considering for teams that prioritize making the World Series above all else. With a smaller sample size, the chances of outproducing your team's performance level are greater. Off the top of my head, the 2001 Yankees may have benefited from playing the A's in the round of 5. Should the Dodgers and Braves want to play the Cardinals in round one? I would ask about the Red Sox and Yankees preferring to face in the first round, but that's out of the realm of possibility. This could be one of the reasons for Wild Cards' postseason success, although there's not much point in researching that question due to the obvious sample size issues.

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