Saturday, October 02, 2004

Gush mode

That, for me, was a great game. For the Giants fans I was watching it with, it wasn't as good, though I did sense some masochistic glee in the way they were declaring the game over after the Choi walk. Hopefully Choi's success this week eliminates Tracy's aversion to him next year. The Giants bullpen continues to be anathema to their success. In the fourth inning, I'd remarked that Rodriguez would have been a more successful closer than Herges or Hermanson, and a Giants fan declared that the trade had been the Giants' best move this season since "he only throws fastballs." Right. I'm not saying he necessarily would have gotten the job done today, but come on, man.

So I guess my prediction last week was technically off by a day; oh well.

I'm guessing LA's rotation will start Perez on Tuesday, Weaver on Thursday, Lima on Saturday, and Perez on Sunday and maybe Weaver on three days rest on Monday (or maybe Robin Ventura?). Not super formidable, but not much worse than what Atlanta or St. Louis will trot out now that Carpenter's injured and Thomson's questionable.

I also heard sighs of relief coming from Anaheim and Philadelphia this afternoon; I don't think there's much original material I could contribute to either of those subjects.

Song of the Day: "1999," Prince

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