Wednesday, November 03, 2004

NL Gold Gloves

Well, I correctly predicted six of the nine NL Gold Glove recipients. I missed two Dodgers, Cesar Izturis and Steve Finley, both of whom won because of two principles of Gold Glove success I overlooked: 1) They both had breakout offensive seasons and 2) they both played for contenders. Factor in the Steve Finley trade storyline and his past Gold Gloves and it's a done deal. Of course, Steve Finley was an average fielder at best. I still remember watching ESPNews on July 31 when Jim Bowden said that Bradley would have to move over to make room for Finley in centerfield because Finley was the better fielder. Well, that's just completely inaccurate; Bradley was one of the best defensive centerfielders in baseball this past year, and the only reason he was moved to the corner spots was because Finley refused to be traded anywhere where he wouldn't play centerfield. My guess for this slot was Mike Cameron, but as I alluded to yesterday his offensive skill set and status as a Met made him an undervalued player overall, dooming his chances. Meanwhile, Edgar Renteria's offensive decline corresponded with Izturis offensive improvement, which buoyed Izturis' strong word-of-mouth campaign. Meanwhile, I also missed in predicting a Gold Glove for Albert Pujols, with my contingency prediction coming true as Todd Helton won his third award at first base. I guess I thought people would notice that a third baseman/left fielder type had moved permanently to first base and dominated, but that's not as cool a story as Darin Erstad's, I suppose.

One last note: A while back I purchased Out of the Park Baseball, which I think overall caters to what I like to do with thinking about baseball than Diamond Mind, although I think Diamond Mind does a somewhat better job with its product. Anyway, I play it for a few days at a time every few weeks, and most recently I started a new league and chose the "default players" rather than the "random players". After the ensuing initial draft, I realized that these were actually major league players with Dragnetesque name changes, with career stats up through 2003. My current team includes folks I would expect-- Mark Bellhorn, Jack Cust, -- and ones I wouldn't expect -- Juan Pierre, Henry Rodriguez, Kip Wells, Kevin Ohme, Dave Ross, Carlos Baerga, Shane Victorino, Wilson Delgado, Desi Relaford, Eddie Perez, Nate Bump, Steve Karsay, Jorge Sosa, Jay Bell, Phil Norton, and Dave Roberts (several of those were free agent pickups since I only drafted 20 players for my opening day roster). I also picked up injury question marks Robb Nenn, Paul Byrd, and Jon Leiber. In my defense, I drafted mainly for the future, drafting players who appear to represent Joe Mauer, B.J. Upton, Jason Stokes, Richie Weeks, Omar Quintanilla, Edwin Encarnacion, and Dave Kryznel, plus several others of that calibur that I simply can't identify.

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