Monday, December 20, 2004

A Clarification On Vazquez

I guess when I've written about Javier Vazquez I've started with an unconscious and inaccurate assumption that my audience reads Yankee blogs frequently, as I do (not because I like the Yankees, but because so many of the best baseball bloggers are Yankee fans). If you've read as much about the Yankees as I have in the past year, you would probably recognize my "poor intruction" quip as a reference to Yankees pitching coach Mel Stottlemyre. I won't pretend to have the final word on Stottlemyre's merits, but I think that he has enough of a record of recent failure and Vazquez had enough of a record of success that his second half in 2004 is more likely, to me, to be an anomaly than a change in true performance level.

If you're interested, check out what Larry Mahnken wrote here. Jay Jaffe, maybe my favorite blogger, wrote about it here and here (with Cliff Corcoran nodding along), talked about Stottlemyre in relation to Vazquez here, and made a funny quip about it here. Also, Pat Jordan discussed Vazquez in an interview with Alex Belth, and if he what he says is accurate (I frankly don't know) than Vazquez looks like a solid bet for major improvement.

And while we're on the topic of Yankee blogs, check out what Fabian had to say about Navarro and Duncan at Replacement-Level Yankees Weblog today.

I have two finals Monday and have to get out of Dodge shortly thereafter, so I might not have time to write anything until Tuesday or so. I'll see what I can do, especially with Icaros' generosity in the comments.

Ah now I begin to see the light. I've never read a Yankee Blog, thought I'd get hives or something. Tom how come Dodger Thoughts gets 100 of comments and your stuff barely gets anything? I thought I knew stuff but your analysis makes me look like a novice. I'm quoting you all over the place when I'm having to defend some moves.
Hope you don't mind.
A lot of the folks over at Dodger Thoughts are just foaming at the mouth over Depo's moves. My fear is that public opinion will affect some of his decision making. I hope not. I just found your site, Tom. I've really enjoyed your stuff. Keep up the good work.
hey JMK, don't worry about depodesta bowing to public opinion. remember ayn rand!
Wade Miller was just non-tendered by the Astros. I don't know too much about his shoulder injury but he sure looked good before he went down. He made only 3.4M bones last year but figured to make much more in arbitration.

This peculiar comment from the Belth/Jordan dialogue: "The only reason Bill Connors is not the Yanks pitching coach is because he’s too fat, not the proper Yankee image." Dude -- Don Zimmer, hello?
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