Saturday, December 04, 2004

Coming Soon: 2005 Dodgers Previews

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I wasn't able to write over the holiday week, and between school, the general lack of baseball news that interested me, and my displeasure with my various aborted attempts to write something about the steroid business of the last week, I've ended up not producing anything substantial. Over the next month or so, however, I intend to post a 2005 preview for a member of the Dodgers organization nearly every day, starting this weekend. The Dodgers are replete with interesting players at this time. At the major league level, most of their players are somewhat unknown commodities, due to injury concerns (Shawn Green, Brad Penny), disappointing 2004's (Dave Ross, Edwin Jackson), unprecedented performance in 2004 (Cesar Izturis, Yhency Brazoban, Adrian Beltre if he's re-signed), questionable ceilings (Milton Bradley, Jayson Werth), inconsistency in the big leagues (Alex Cora, Hee Seop Choi), and inconsistency in the high minors (Chin-Feng Chen, Antonio Perez). The only Dodgers whose performance in 2005 I feel can be prognosticated with a small margin of error and with strong confidence are Olmedo Saenz, Kaz Ishii, Jeff Weaver, and Eric Gagne, and even then Saenz and Ishii are question marks because it's anyone's guess how they'll be deployed. Throw in question marks surrounding farmhands like Joel Hanrahan, Greg Miller, James Loney, and Brian Myrow as well as the combination of two young and talented folks running the show in Paul DePodesta and Logan White, and this is an organization rich in analytical fodder.

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