Wednesday, December 22, 2004

More quick notes, since my internet access for the next week is very limited:
I should be able to get more up over the next few days, but in case I don't let me say I hope everyone enjoys whatever December rituals they partake in.

I just discovered your blog during the past week, and it's fantastic. Strangely, I agree nearly 100% on all your takes, esp. the one regarding Choi.
of course the move that would make the most sense would to be trade Green for almost any catcher or starting pitcher.

Lowe is difficult to evaluate. I question his make-up.
Your blanket defending of DePodesta overlooks the fact that not every move he makes is a well-reasoned safe statistical move, leaving you scrambling to come up with a mathematical defense of his actions. Some of his moves are incompetence, such as pulling out of trades. He now no longer has any credibility in the industry, one year into his position. See for more details. What mathematical formula do you use to defend arrogance?
Probably the same mathematical formula you use to determine the fact that yes, the Plaschkes and Simers of the world have infected the minds of many a fan.

News flash: It's okay to follow baseball without constant, seething rage. You really don't know what's going on behind the scenes, despite what you read.

By the way, I like your "See ESPN" comment. That's like telling someone to "See FOX" for reliable news reporting.
The Choi fall was a surprise. I don't think anyone was surprised by Mayne and Ross being terrible. Mayne has been a terrible hitter his entire career.

We don't really have that much flexibility in terms of trades. Werth is untradeable because of his injury. Bradley is certainly tradeable, but we won't get much for him because he is mentally damaged goods. Green is not very tradeable because he makes 16 million this year. So pretty much we aren't going to get much for tossing one of them. But we do have to toss one of them, as we signed Ledee as well.
How does Werth's injury-- which all reports indicate is nearly healed -- make him more untradeable than Penny, who the Diamondbacks wanted? My point is not that Bradley and Werth are great trade candidates but that if that's what it takes then they can be moved. And Mayne's numbers with the Dodgers were his career worst; I didn't mean to imply he should have been Johnny Bench or anything, just that his production shouldn't have been out and out terrible. The same is true of Mayne.
Also Izturus is prime candidate for a trade as well. He can already be replaced by Valentin and his value is very high at the moment with the gold glove and nice batting average. Of course he doesn't get on base that well and neither does Valentin for that mattter. But Izturus could probably fetch a nice pitcher -- but the "fans" would be in an uproar.
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