Monday, February 28, 2005


According to dozens of wire reports, the Dodgers have come to terms with the following 40-man roster cats:
They've also come to terms with non-roster players Joe Thurston, Chin-Feng Chen, and Henri Stanley, whose names should be given more color; I propose Thirsty Joe, CFCin' is CFBelievin', and Henri Ennui. If any of those three can make the roster - which, with the Nakamura signing, would probably require beating out both Dr. No and J-Grab in addition to staving off 40-man masters like Myrowvia, Jason Rep Inc., and Kriss C-Ross - they would probably take the spot yielded by Darren Dreifort's eventual return to the 60-Day DL.

There's also another potential spot on the 40-man roster if Houlton is returned to the Astros. In other words, the chances of Thurston, Chen and Stanley to make the top 40 depend on the D.J.

To the best of my knowledge, that leaves the following 11 40-man roster cats yet to be issued contracts:

I love the Kriss Kross reference.
Can I assume that everyone refers to Milton as "Board Game Time," Brazoban as "Yhatzee!" and Izturis as "the C-izzle" ??
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