Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Dodger Stadium

New article about Dodger Stadium at the Hardball Times by this guy. Check it out.

Good analysis. Lowe is tradeable through the 2006 season. It makes sense that Dodger stadium wouldn't dampen homeruns necessarily because the walls aren't really that deep in comparison to other parks.
Fantastic work Tom! I've been reading the comments on Primer for the last few days as well and it sounds like you are definitely on the way up in the Sabermetrics World!! Here's a question for you. Suppose the Giants come knocking at your door and offer you a job... would you take it? Heh, of course you would, so Depo should hire you away now!

Also, every move Depo has made has been to acquire GB pitchers and FB hitters, so I'm almost certain that your calculations and conclusions are correct (or at least Depo has reached the same conclusions as you have).

Keep up the good work.
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