Tuesday, February 08, 2005

That Meager H

The "meager" puns - phonetically inaccurate as they are - continued to follow me with my debut at The Hardball Times. Check it out. There should also be a Dodger-relevant article from me up at THT later this week.

Great piece. Congratulations.

hopefully, you can still do dodger specific studies here once in a while.
I'm sorry, but your writing has taken several steps down from the quality we're used to heere at the Forth Outfielder. The intro is terrible. I reads like a bad sophmore college term paper.

I think you can be an excellent writer, but here you were perhaps trying to do too much, trying to impress a lager audience. I think you are fine by just sticking to the basics like you did here.

Best wishes for future articles, especially thise concerning the Dodgers.
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