Sunday, February 27, 2005

Why Nakamura Is Suck

If you're like me, you've probably thought you read the above phrase at least five or six times over the past few days.

Are you seeing "suck" everytime because you think he will?

Please explain in at least 10,000 words.
A Google search for "Nakamura suck" yields some rather heavily R-rated material unsuitable for work consumption. If you were seeing such stuff, it certainly isn't because of its ubiquity.
Jeez. I was referring to the headline of one of Jon's entries on 2/24. When Jon doesn't write for three days, his older posts develop a sort of uniquity.
I know you were referring to the Dodger Thoughts headline, Tom.

My question and request, however, remain (though tongue-in-cheek on the word count).
I think my high is still ~8,600 for Beltre in September, and that probably included a bunch of numbers which shouldn't count as words. It was thorough, though I wish that I understood more about regression analysis at the time...

In any event, I'll probably get around to Dr. No pretty soon. I haven't taken to in-depth a look - the back of the envelope stuff I did made him a ~.275 EqA hitter if he gets 3/4 of his PA against LHP.
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